Water and light interact perfectly to form the cornerstones of our lives. We, as experts for the building block water, make use of the disinfecting power of the sun, following nature’s example, and open a new chapter in the disinfection of drinking water pipes thanks to innovative technologies and a worldwide unique application.
With our patented L.E.S.S. disinfection system, we guarantee effective and sustainable liberation from harmful germs and pathogens. The L.E.S.S. disinfection system is used for new installations, renovations and existing pipes. Our chlorine-free application allows a healthy, natural and stable biofilm to form following disinfection, which remains stable during subsequent use with clean drinking water and enables proper operation.
L.E.S.S. is universal, efficient, sustainable and transparent.

For drinkable water, the natural biofilm in drinking water pipes must be free of harmful pathogens and germs. However, when new pipes are laid, renovated or when drinking water pipes have not been in operation for a long time, the biofilm is not yet formed or is only unstable. During the construction phase, germs and pathogens can get into the pipes – for example, when pipes are stored on the construction site or pipes are laid. These germs manifest themselves on the pipe wall and on fixtures and pose major challenges for water supply operators.  

Multi-resistant germs in particular, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, can hardly be removed by classic disinfection with hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide.


The patented UV tube disinfection system for drinking water pipes

The patented L.E.S.S. disinfection system is a novel device developed in Austria for the 3-stage, full-scale disinfection of drinking water pipes, tanks and structures. This device is the first and only one in the world to combine the use of electromagnetic radiation, atomization and nebulization, so that even very resistant and pathogenic germs and viruses, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, are reliably killed. The spray chain also features a nozzle module for delivering gaseous CO2 to remove invertebrates.

100% safe water

UV radiation, atomization and fogging

Reliably removes even resistant, pathogenic germs

Logging and laboratory tests

Effect of UV-C light

The bactericidal effect of UV radiation is based on the fact that the DNA of viruses, bacteria and germs is efficiently destroyed. The pathogens can no longer multiply, so that comprehensive disinfection is guaranteed. 

No harmful by-products are produced during this disinfection process and overdosing is impossible. Our disinfection performance is fast and sustainable. This leads to a time advantage compared to conventional disinfection methods.

The patented gamechanger in the disinfection of water pipes.

Due to the patented process and the combined use of UV radiation, atomization and fogging, three processes are combined in one run. The L.E.S.S. system is pulled through the line at a defined speed, similar to a UV light chain, while being monitored by camera. 

The performance parameters, which have been confirmed in extensive laboratory tests, are adapted to the respective application and stored by the intelligent software. Proof of safe disinfection is provided by a complete logging of all parameters, a TV recording of the processes and additional laboratory tests.

With our L.E.S.S. system, a complete disinfection of drinking water pipes takes place in three stages:

UV radiation

inactivation process of pathogens and germs by UV light

Atomization & spraying system

bactericidal effect of disinfectant (e.g. alcohol) in exposed and light-protected areas of the pipeline such as in pipe joints.

Fogging with carbon dioxide

stunning of microorganisms and invertebrates.

These three combinable processes sustainably remove germs and invertebrates.

Range of application / Key figures

From DN 80 

Independent of pipe material

Pull-through speed from 1 to 6 m/min

Pipe lengths of up to 500 m can be safely disinfected in one go

For new installations

For existing pipes

In stagnation areas

In case of clogged pipes

For pipes affected by (microbiologically) contaminated water (e.g. after floods)

In pipes where disinfection with chlorine is not effective

for provisories

Logging / Transparency

The logging of each of the three procedures guarantees a complete record and allows the output of a disinfection protocol.

About us

Decades of experience in the rehabilitation of drinking water systems and the exchange of experience with water operators are the main reasons why the disinfection of drinking water pipes became the focus of attention.
The currently used solutions of disinfection based on hydrogen or chlorine are not always sufficient because of the more and more resistant germs.
During the past years I have listened to the wishes and needs of the network operators. They have
inspired me to develop the new disinfection system to meet their requirements.
to meet their requirements.
With the L.E.S.S disinfection system, we can contribute to making water safer and more accessible for everyday use and also as food – because everyone has a
right to clean, safe drinking water.
Inventor Manfred Mock.


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